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American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery Backs Medical Liability Reform


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American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery
Image: aaos.org

Dr. Mark Wichman earned both a bachelor of science and his doctor of medicine from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Since 2009, Dr. Mark Wichman has served as an orthopedic surgeon at Aurora Advanced Healthcare in Milwaukee. He belongs to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery (AAOS).

One the major focuses of the AAOS is reform of the medical liability system in order to improve overall patient care. The current system of liability is simply not conducive to safe, affordable, and high-quality care for patients because of the limits that encumber orthopedic surgeons.

While the AAOS remains convinced that any reforms should protect the rights of a negligently damaged patient to receive just compensation, a decrease in liability costs would improve overall patient care through the reduction of unnecessary spending on often-superfluous defensive medicine. Furthermore, the AAOS is determined that no federal law should supersede any tort reform enacted at the state or local level.