Operation Dream Helps Milwaukee’s Disadvantaged Boys

Operation Dream pic

Operation Dream
Image: operation-dream.org

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in Madison with a bachelor of science in molecular biology, Dr. Mark Wichman went on to become an orthopedic surgeon. Currently practicing with Aurora Advanced Healthcare in Milwaukee, Dr. Mark Wichman is also the president of Operation Dream.

Founded in 2006 for the benefit of young boys who don’t have access to the Boys Club, the YMCA, or other outlets, Operation Dream strives to improve the lives of these mostly minority male youth in the poorest communities of Milwaukee. These boys face some of the most daunting challenges in America today, since nearly 60 percent won’t finish high school. The lack of education statistically leads to unemployment, crime, and eventually prison.

On Saturdays, Operation Dream offers a “sanctuary,” where the boys can escape the streets and learn how to resist the temptations of crime-ridden neighborhoods and, aspiring to a better future, start on a path to realize their dreams. To that end, Operation Dream furnishes a structured environment consisting of four essential pillars:

-Academic achievement
-Work training
-Family and community
-Health and fitness


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